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Medical Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

At Prime Insurance Group, we provide insurance for both emergency and non-emergency medical transports. This includes ambulances and a host of non-emergency vehicles.

Non-emergency medical transportation, also known as NEMT, is a type of for-hire service coverage designed to protect business vehicles used to transport patients to medical appointments on a pre-arranged schedule.

NEMT services are different from other forms of transportation in a few important ways. NEMT businesses are typically compensated by Medicaid or medical service providers.

Requirements for non-emergency medical transportation insurance:

  • Age of driver
  • Features of the vehicle: There are prohibitions such as lightbars, sirens, and life support equipment
  • Seating capacity of vehicles and age of vehicle
  • Safety Equipment and written procedures: wheelchair access vehicles might have guidelines from the insurance company
  • Driving history
  • Claims history
  • Coverage needs
  • Location and travel radius

The facilities you work with might have a minimum coverage requirement. Please check your business contracts to make sure you get the right coverage. Do not risk quality coverage for cheaper insurance rates. It is ideal to have a NEMT policy with a comfortable premium and adequate protection.